Redcliff woman with heart problem appeals for assistance

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…a family in need of help as the situation reach critical level

Simbarashe Fenton M

Virginia Mukutiri (23) of Rutendo, Redcliff is in need of assistance for her heart problem, which started in 2018 and has made her life unbearable.

Her mother, Tsitsi Mukutiri spoke to The Guiding Star on behalf of her daughter as she was not fit enough for such a conversation, the fear that if she is quizzed on the ordeal, it will trigger the deterioration of her health as depression has been another setback to her recovery.

“The problem started in 2018 after she gave birth to her child, through operation, who is now 3 years old. She started to be fragile, reacting to salty foods and even tea she could not have it. At first I thought the vomiting and being weak was because of child birth but as time goes on we started suspecting a heart problem,” she explained.

At the beginning of 2021 the family visited Kwekwe General Hospital to seek medical assistance, a directive to have a heart x-ray was given, since then they have been stuck home, helpless due to lack of financial resources to pursue with the process to find the real cause and an immediate solution to the young mother’s healthy problem, this has forced them to prescribe cheap medication to try to lessen pain she is bearing.

“After we went to Kwekwe General Hospital, the doctor advised us to have an x-ray on her heart and we proceeded with the little we had and that was then, I could not afford to go back with her to see the doctor again as I had paid over usd$50 and with a big family I have, it has been difficult.After consulting other people who advised that her heart us filled with watery substance due to the way she seriously vomits, I have since been buying her ‘fruistmide’ which cost usd1 per month thinking it will help her, I do not know maybe we are worsening the situation.” She said in distress

While explaining the situation, sitting in exhaustion, tear filled eyes, in front of a two roomed house she rents, Mukutiri said that her daughter’s condition requires her to have strict diet she cannot afford. She stated that she also experience excessive heart beat if she is frightened, stressed and expossed to noise including her child’s cries.

Though religiously skeptical, a visit to prominent Evangelist Walter Magaya’s Yadah Ministries in 2019 proved to be of great help as the family had a sigh of relief in the whole of 2020 only for the problem to resurge in 2021.

With an advantage of numbers, harvests from a family maize field coupled by Hope of Saints Charity Organisation and Plan International assistance in groceries and funds has been of great help to the family of 13 to cater for their basic needs, a relief, however not enough as Virginia’s issue overflows the measure.

“I am in need of help my people, I need around USD$200 to USD$250 to try again to seek medical help. She is young and has responsibilities to perform including her child, she cannot do all that while sick like this. Let us say she happens to be diagonised and be on specific, reliable medication she can be fit again and work for her child, even to do chores or to give her child water to drink, she cannot do that now because she is seriously sick.

“Living like this, is not ok with me, I am having difficulties taking care of her. I do not have a husband and she is one of the 6 children i have, the elder one helps me here and there.If she was ok she should have been chipping in I believe so. My two sisters passed on and left 6 children whom I take care of and here in the house the other one came back recently as she was married a minor and had to go and take her as the situation was not right.

My other sister’s child who was married in Gutu came back here as well after being brutally assaulted by her husband and lost an eye, an issue with the police right now. I had to take her in as I feared we could lose her life, so all in all they are now four,” she said.

Hope of Saints Charity Organisation Director Terrence Takafirei whose organisation regularly offer a helping hand to the family was delighted to talk to The Guiding Star, he hinted the need of financial resources to address Virginias situation.


“I am delighted and hopeful at the same time to talk to you because I see an opportunity for this issue to be heard out there. I came here to check on the wellbeing and pray for the family as we regularly do as an organisation,We realised she needs counselling. We need all the help we can but I believe God has away, all will be well,” he said.

For those who wish to help the family with funds and in kind, they can get in touch with Tsitsi Mukutiri on 0775 066 121 or Terrence Takafirei (Hope of Saints Charity Organisation) on 0775 926 996

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