Villagers bemoan abuse of resources meant for the construction of a Clinic at Gawa Centre, Gokwe South

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Philemon Hwami from Gokwe South

Villagers in Gokwe South have voiced their concerns over the abuse of donated construction materials meant for the building of a clinic at Gawa Shopping Centre. In 2016, the former National Assembly member for Gokwe South Honourable Dorothy Mhangani organised building materials for the construction of the clinic at the centre of the controversy. Construction materials in the form of cement, door frames, window frames and doors, brick-force wire were organised for the total completion of the clinic. A receipt of purchased materials is available and clearly indicates the amount of materials that were bought towards the construction of the clinic. The building materials were bought with money from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) sometimes referred to as Devolution Funds.


According to the community, madam Dorothy Mhangani had indicated that the donated materials were enough to have the clinic completed for use by 2017.

Unfortunately at the time of writing this story the clinic is incomplete and the doors are now broken down. The proposed clinic is in sorry state as we speak.

According to the community members the abuse of the construction materials resulted in the non-completion of the clinic. Right now people have to walk or commute long distances to seek health care services elsewhere. Pregnant women are now delivering babies at home due to the absence of a health care centre close to their wards. The elderly and other vulnerable groups including PWD are finding it more and more difficult to access health care services.


The issue of the abuse of donated construction materials was revealed by community members during a ZHOCD organised Community Dialogue meeting held at Gawa Centre on 7 October 2021.

The once voiceless community of Gokwe South has now been assisted to demand accountability and transparency from their leadership. The community is now demanding answers on what happened to the donated materials. This is all being done to promote social accountability especially on the part of the local leadership.

Please find more on the story through attached photos, videos and the podcast all taken in Gokwe South during the ZHOCD Community Dialogue meeting

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