Mberengwa local leaders, villagers hail Pfumvudza

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Chenjerai Maisva

Farmers from Nduva Village under Chief Negove in Mberengwa District have applauded the crop production intensification approach referred to as Pfumvudza programme saying it is a great way for them to attain enough food for households in the district, this publication can reveal.

The Pfumvudza agricultural programme was introduced by the government to eradicate hunger at household level. Farmers in Nduva Village have expressed joy for the programme which they say has increased harvest and bolstered food security at family level since implementation.

Farmers who spoke to this publication said that the programme was well thought, well timed and a game-changer in Mberengwa community resulting is massive harvest for the 2020-2021 farming season.

“The government’s newly introduced pfumvudza conversation mode of farming was well thought and is the only way to go for the country to attain maximum food security per each household. As farmers we formed groups for working together well known as ‘chimukira’, (waking up early) where we wake up early every morning working on each member’s plot,” said one farmer.

“When it was introduced in the 2020-2021 season some were reluctant to adopt it but because of the harvest we got many are expressing marked enthusiasm and ready to join the bandwagon to food security. Our extension staff also played a pivotal role as well our community leaders in making this pfumvudza concept a success. As you know, new concepts are always taken with suspicions and reservations until there is marked evidence of sucesss,” said Yeukai Mbaye a farmer in Nduva Village.

One of the village heads, Chamunoita Chitandaudze who spoke with this publication confirmed that people in his area are embracing the pfumvudza programme. He said it is amazing that out of a small portion of land farmers will yield huge harvest.

“When the programme was introduced last season we were in doubt of the outcome harvest but after we harvested the success came out. We managed to get 15 bags of maize per plot. Last season the target per each farmer was 3 plots, 2 for cereals and one for oil seed. But as for this coming season the target is 5 plots per farmer of which 3 are for cereals and 2 for oil seed. Right now every farmer is now ready for rain to fall,” said the head.
Speaking in an interview with this reporter, Timothy Moyo known as Chief Negove expressed gratitude to the government for coming up with such a sustainable programme that will sustain every household in his area. He also stated that farmers in his area are already geared up for the coming season.

“We were always under pressure from communities because of hunger, but now with this concept of farming no one is left behind. There are no excuses this time around, some of us used to hide behind poverty. Some farmers would say because we planted late our cattle were slim, or they would say, we don’t have cattle, but now it only needs a hoe. Even if the rains are little the mulch will play its role of conserving moisture. Zunde ramambo must now be functional because of pfumvudza. The government also supports zunde though pfumvudza programme,” said Chief Negove.

However, the farmers said there is need for the government to help them with fertilisers earlier so that they can apply it according to the applicable time for the crops. As the coming season is close farmers expect this challenge to be fixed.

For the Vision 2030 to be a success there is need to fight hunger and farmers in Mberengwa say they are happy with the progress this far.

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