The plight of women in mining

… as they try to irk a living By Emmanuel Mhike Mining is a very energy consuming industry for man and what more on women who spend most of their days under the heat of the sun trying to endure working in this sector so that their families can survive the harsh economic conditions in […]

Rutendo High School teacher succumb to COVID-19

By Simbarashe Fenton M Rutendo High School Fashion and Fabrics teacher T. Chasakara (65,) succumbed to COVID-19 recently, with more members of the department alleged to be ill and currently on isolation this publication can reveal. “She has been sick for 5 days I think, the whole of last week she was here and then […]

Local authorities urged to improve on PFM accountability and transparency

By Evidence Chipadza Local authorities have been urged to practice sound Public Finance Management (PFM),accountability and transparency mechanism to foster good corporate governance, this was revealed by a Local Governance expert DR Vincent Chakunda at a (PFM) workshop which was recently held by Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) at Suburban Village Gweru. “Our […]

Gokwe South records high prevalence of rape cases

… chiramu (sexual dalliance) contributing By Perseverance Javangwe Child sexual abuse has become a major concern in Zimbabwe with Gokwe South witnessing a high prevalence of rape cases in recent weeks. This was revealed by Kennedy Madekutsikwa of the Ministry of Justice Prosecution Department during a citizen-duty bearer engagement meeting held by the Zimbabwe Heads […]

Datler’s Pro-Covid 19 vaccine uptake song hits the streets

By Emmanuel Hove Mhike The government should make use of Arts in it’s quest to promote covid-19 vaccine uptake at all levels, Community Voices Zimbabwe has established. A research conducted by Community Voices Zimbabwe shows that songs and poems released by locally known artists has huge impact and influence on the covid-19 vaccine uptake. A […]

Climate Change mitigation & adaptation measures should not isolate health services including SRHR

By Partinella Ngozo Government, Civil Society Organisations (CSO), international organizations, donors, researchers, and advocates have been urged to advocate for gender responsive approaches to climate action that address SRHR, this publication can reveal. Despite the increasing recognition that climate action must be gender responsive, to date it is disheartening to note that limited attention has […]