Rural Artist dares Kirsty Coventry

By Emmanuel Hove Mhike An exceptionally talented Lower Gweru based Artist , Keith Zenda has challenged the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Kirsty Coventry to prioritize grassroots Arts development, through workshops while establishing strong artistic Institutions in rural areas, this publication can reveal. Zenda was speaking at an Arts and Sports Relief Fund awareness […]

Mazvihwa Residents blast ZETDC

… as a villager is electrocuted to death By Emmanuel Hove Mhike Residents in Mazvihwa have put the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution (ZETDC) to task while challenging relevant authorities to quickly respond to the people’s reports of fallen electrical lines and shaky poles. This comes after a farmer was recently electrocuted to death while working […]

Shun stigmatisation and discrimination against covid-19 patients

… recalls her journey after contracting covid-19 Perseverance Javangwe As new coronavirus cases are confirmed each day, fear and misinformation continue to spread more rapidly than covid-19 itself. Ruth Maendese (not her real name) went through a torrid time when she contracted covid-19, through stigma and discrimination from the community. The emotional turmoil of her […]

Under-age children turn to vending as the economy screams

… play cat and mouse with army and police during lockdown By Perseverance Javangwe Going through the streets of Kwekwe during the coronavirus lockdown children as young as nine years are roaming the streets selling freezits, maputi, mutsvairo (brooms) moving from car to car and getting into shops, in order to raise money for schools […]

Zim’s economic woes driving society on the brink of starvation

By Perseverance Javangwe Early morning before sunrise, Handirevi Dzapasi enters her kitchen to start preparing her meal. It will be her only food for the day, but she will have it hours later, when she returns to her electricity-lacking home after a day spent hawking goods on the streets of Gokwe center during the coronavirus […]

Honor the Beijing Declaration & unlock girls’ potential, gvt urged

By Perseverance Javangwe While there has been much progress made in the last two decades to ensure every girl is able to grow and develop in good health, there is much still to be done as the girl child still continues to be treated as if she is a child of a lesser God. She […]