Dark clouds shadowing gender equality

… income equality and women leadership in the workplace still lag behind much touted goals By Perseverance Javangwe Women still have a long way ahead in achieving gender equality, in spite of the significant gains they have made as they still face huge socio-economic challenges in the country. While the conversation around gender equality has […]

People with disabilities can help the fight against climate crisis

By Partinella Ngozo People with disabilities have expertise in critical thinking skills that can help build more resilient communities when disaster struck, yet they are left out in critical decision making process that includes policy formulation, this publication can reveal. Climate change has impacted hard on people with disabilities, they are affected by extreme weather […]

People with disabilities should not be treated as children of a lesser God

… government should adopt a national policy on disability By Perseverance Javangwe It’s more than ten years since the United Nations established a convention on rights for people with disabilities, but we are still far away from achieving equality this is because People with Disabilities (PWDs) are still being treated as if they are children […]

Complex needs of people with disability not being accounted for

… as the climate crisis impacts heavily on them By Partinella Ngozo People with disabilities are at an increased risk of the adverse impacts of climate change including threats to their food security, health, sanitation and livelihoods, yet the mainstream environmental discourse often excludes their voices or treats them as disposable, it has been revealed. […]

ZESA Power lines pose Danger to Newstands Residents

By Simbarashe Fenton M REDCLIFF: Residents in New-stands, Rutendo risk the dangers of being electrocuted by electricity power lines passing through their roof tops, this publication can reveal. The new high density residential area has been approved by the Municipality of Redcliff with some of the stands being situated under heavy industrial electrical power lines […]